Effortless free-placement
wireless charging

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Brand Design, Website Design, Website Content, SEO Strategy.


Brand Transformation, Art Direction, Brand Experience, Website, Content Strategy, SEO


6-12 months

AiraPower reached out to us to help them their biggest mission yet. Rebranding their already powerful brand AiraPower to FreePower, to symbolise their products core USP.

We spent hours ensuring that our team understood the ins and outs of their technology, vision as well as their customer promise. Using this valuable information we came up with a unique logo, brand experience and brand design to ensure that FreePower's brand promise was front and center, 'Effortless free-placement wireless charging'. We helped nail down their communication and SEO strategy and delivered on content together with their team of technical experts. This targeted storytelling was then executed into one of our proudest website designs so far. Sharp graphics and unique storytelling brought out the essence that is FreePower, setting the brand on a trajectory towards growth and success.




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