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We have a background in design driven innovation and research from the MIT Design Lab and a track record of successfully building multi-million dollar companies on bootstrapped budgets. We love to solve complex problems and can get obsessive about finding solutions.

Daniel and Noel - Up Strategy Lab

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​​“We founded Up Strategy Lab because we love to solve problems and help others grow. Today, we are a growing team of driven collaborators working independently from across the globe. Our remote collaborations ensure that we have access to the best talent. Our ambition of creating value for our customers is the thread that binds us together.”

- Daniel Nilsson and Noel Braganza

Key values

What we believe in

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We work to make others successful

We put the success of our partners and customers first and we constantly find new and better ways to help you.

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We are design-driven and customer-centric

We use a design-driven and customer-centric approach and believe in experimenting and trying out different tools, methodologies and techniques.

We are open and authentic

Being warm, honest, open and direct with each other and with partners & customers is core to everything we do.

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We love to share all that we've learned

We push you and your team to be creative problem solvers within every function of your organisation and we like to believe we inject the necessary knowledge to level-up competences and skills in a short duration.

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01 - Starman

Music is an integral part of how we focus and get things done. Here are some tunes that have accompanied us since we started Up Strategy Lab.

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