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b2b sales and marketing

You hired agencies but they don’t understand your business

B2B marketing and sales are very different from selling simple products. The B2B sales process is long and offerings are usually complicated. Most agencies don’t have the capacity to understand this… or the rest of your business.

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We love complex B2B sales processes

And we love improving them even more

We enjoy the challenge and complexity of B2B sales processes. Our methodologies and tools help us to quickly understand any business and identify potential improvements.

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We design B2B customer experiences

Our secret? It’s all about trust

With our expertise in design, communication, sales processes, and B2B sales and marketing we help you design the customer experience from A to Z. The result? You establish deeper trust with prospects and close more deals much faster

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How we can help you

Customer purchase journeys

Create the experiences customers want

Optimised B2B purchase journeys are the key to increasing sales. We help you map the journey and design tools to improve your closing rate.

Website & online presence

Customer centric and optimised

We upgrade your website and online presence with a focus on acquiring more leads and closing more opportunities.

Sales presentations

B2B storytelling

We are B2B storytelling experts and we help you design a sales pitch and story that prospects love to hear.

Channel partner program creation

We are one of the top agencies in the world when it comes to creating channel partner programs. Click here to learn more.

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Marketing efficiency

We review your current marketing processes and results with the objective of finding opportunities for improvement and increased efficiency. We help you create a plan, execute it and get the results you want.

Up Strategy Lab Value Proposition Workshop

We are the creators of some of the world’s most used growth plays

We use a combination of Strategyzer’s business model and value proposition canvas together with our own developed methodologies, growth plays, processes and workshops to understand your business completely and help you elevate your B2B sales & marketing. Our methodologies have over 500 000 views and are used by organisations all over the world - from SMBs to large organizations like Canon.

You can read our growth plays here.

Methodology and process

A world-class growth creation journey

We help you create a unique and optimised customer experience

No matter how complex your business is, our proven methodologies and processes will help you attain B2B sales & marketing efficiency so that you can reach your objectives and goals.

Step 1

Understanding your business

We get to know your business in detail by training with you and reading up.

Step 2

Workshops & data collection

In a series of workshops, we guide you through a discovery process. We define detailed ideal customer profiles and dig deep into their jobs to be done, their pains, and the gains they seek. We map buyer and sales processes. We discuss what creates trust and what tools are needed to facilitate a customer’s journey. 

Step 3

Your strategy document 

We collect all conclusions and create a strategy document that you can use to educate internal and external stakeholders. The document is often used by sales, marketing, and management teams. 

How we help you through Step 1-3


We help you discuss, process, and create your written conclusions.

Expert advice

We are experts in communication and visualisation. We will help find the right words, images and sentences so that you can say what you want to say in the best possible way.


Our superpower is to help you understand what should be communicated and in what order. Information must be prioritised so that the buyer can easily understand it.

Step 4

SEO research

We will do a deep analysis of SEO and advertising opportunities. This is a very important step because when a prospective customer has a problem or when they are looking for a solution, they Google it. If your website appears at the top of the results, you will be on the top of mind of prospective customers.

Step 5

The first story & impression

Every project is unique, but regardless of whether we help you build a new website experience, purchase process experience, sales presentations or powerful sales tools, we will start by designing the impression and creating a story. You and your team can easily view all designs and texts. Together, we review, discuss and iterate.

Step 6

Approval and joint decision

Through feedback, discussion and iterations we will create a final version. Core stakeholders will sign off everything at a meeting.

Step 7


When everything is approved, your B2B sales & marketing efficiency project will be launched. We will assist in educating and training your team and ensure that everyone understands how to use your new tools and processes.

What you can expect from your improved B2B sales & marketing experience

⚡️Easy to update

No matter what we help you create (website, presentations, processes, etc), we make sure it’s easy to iterate and update. We will guide and coach your team in the methodology of making constant improvements for the project we have done with you.

🤩 Great look and feel

You will feel proud to share whatever we create for you with your current and prospective customers.

❤️ Your prospects and customers will love it

Everything we create for you will be customer-centric and this is exactly what prospects and customers expect from you. They will love it and you will see it result in more leads, better discussions and more customers.

Advanced b2b Sales & Marketing

Organisations we’ve helped...

...create the most formidable strategy and plan

What we did


Learnit helps SMB and large enterprises in the US and worldwide to upskill their workforce to reduce turnover and increase productivity. Up Strategy Lab worked with Learnit to completely revamp their online presence – including their website texts and website design, brand, customer journeys and much more.


USL has collaborated with Sinch on partner programs twice. In the first instance, we helped Sinch create a strategy, updated product packaging, and a partner innovation program focused on Application Service Providers (ASPs). The program enabled Sinch to create deep relationships with some of the world’s largest ASPs. In the second instance, we worked with Sinch to manage its relationship with solution providers – a key part of the company’s efforts to provide better service and more complex solutions to its enterprise clients. As part of this project, we helped Sinch develop a strategy, create value propositions and presentations on how to establish and manage strong relationships with some of the world’s largest system integrators, solution providers, and CX agencies.


Pitchago is the smarter way to get investor ready and accelerate the journey to raising capital. We assisted them with digital product design, logo, brand, website texts and design.


A data-driven customer engagement ecosystem provider with clients such as Standard Chartered, Axis Bank and HDFC Bank, Reward360 had a very limited web existence. We helped them create a storytelling experience in which Reward360 was projected as the professional and high-quality company they are. The project saw the total revamp of the company’s brand, logo, website and content.

Sourcing Allies

Sourcing Allies has helped companies across the US and Europe manufacture and source over a million objects from China. We helped them overhaul their website, sales material, and sales process. The result: the company went from invisible in Google to the top search result for “sourcing in China”.


Appland provided an app store platform as a service to mobile network operators. We created, deployed, and managed a sales, marketing and channel partner strategy for the company. The result: Appland acquired over 100 of the world’s most important mobile operators as its customers.


This start-up – which offers organisations a skills management and employee strengths visualisation software – is Up Strategy Lab’s baby. We came up with the concept, designed the digital product, filed a patent, created the brand, managed development, created and executed marketing, partner program and sales.


Cogoport is a global logistics platform where importers and exporters can easily book shipments. We helped the company to go from ‘ok’ to ‘great’ in their online presence as part of their preparation to go global. We worked on a complete revamp of Cogoport’s brand, website, digital product, organisation, and sales focus. In just a year, Cogoport went from 8000 organic visitors per month to 24000.

We help you succeed

We love to help you reach your ambitious sales goals.

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