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Growth by partner program
Partner strategy

Increase sales 10X

Expand your salesforce

Well designed partner programs have helped some of the most successful companies on the planet as well as start-ups to boost their sales to incredible levels.

Expand to new countries

Expand to new countries and regions

Get new customers with help of local partners

Local partners can help you reach new customers and establish a level of trust with them that may be difficult for you to do on your own.

150 000 people have used our process

14 steps to build a partner program

Since 2013 our partner program methodology and creation process has been available for free. Companies like Canon, Tele2 IoT, Appland, Unicheck, etc., have used our 14-step process to design hugely successful channel partner programs. 

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14 steps partner program

We help you...

...create a formidable strategy and plan

We are one of the top 10 channel partner program experts in the world. Our experience and deep knowledge will help you design and execute a hugely successful one.

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Methodology and process

A world-class growth creation journey

We help you create a unique and optimised partner program

It doesn’t matter how complex your business, product or service is, our proven methodology and processes will help you create a partner program that will enable you to swiftly reach your objectives and goals.

Step 1

Understanding your business

We get to know your business in detail by training with you and reading up.

Step 2

Workshops & data collection

In a series of workshops, we guide you through a discovery process. We define detailed ideal partner profiles and dig deep into their jobs to be done, their pains, and the gains they seek. We map buyer and sales processes. We also discuss what creates trust, what tools are needed to facilitate a customer’s journey, and make a plan of what you need to create for your partner program.

Step 3

Your strategy document

We collect all conclusions and create a strategy document that you can use to educate internal and external stakeholders. The document is often used by partner, marketing and management teams.

How we help you through Step 1-3


We help you to hold focused discussions, and gather and process data and information. All this is used to draw the conclusions that will shape the design of your partner program.

Expert advice

Our wide experience enables us to bring examples and wisdom from other partner programs. We use learnings from past programs to ensure yours will be even better.


Our superpower is to help you understand what should be communicated and in what order. The information must be prioritised to make it understandable for the partner. 

Step 4

Creating the tools you need

We help you create partner program presentations, onboarding processes, website texts, and other tools you will need to launch, run and manage a successful partner program. 

Step 5

Approval and joint decision

Through feedback, discussion and iterations we will create a final version of the partner program and tools. 

Step 6


The partner program is launched once you approve everything. We will assist in educating and training your team and ensure that each one of them understands how they can help your partners to be successful. 

Step 7

Post-launch coaching and iteration 

We will coach your team and ensure they learn to use the tools and follow the designed processes. Your team will provide feedback for potential improvements. We will process these and help to implement improvement iterations.

What you can expect from your partner program

⚡️Sales efficiency

We are experts in B2B sales efficiency and we will design a program that helps you to work with partners efficiently.

✍🏻 Continuous improvement

We always build programs and concepts that are designed to be iterated and continuously improved.

💻 Efficient communication

The material we create will have the right look and feel and will communicate exactly what is needed to move things forward.

❤️ Your partners will love it

Our programs are partner and customer-centric and elicit the right energy and motivation.

Partner Programs

Organisations we’ve helped...

...create the most formidable channel partner program

What we did


Clinitouch is a company that provides remote patient monitoring technology, developed by a team with decades of hands-on experience in healthcare. Up Strategy Lab constructed a partner program for them, which has enabled them to successfully onboard over 20 new partners in 20 countries. This number continues to grow every month. With the support of their partners and their extensive local expertise, Clinitouch is currently working on many new opportunities all over the world.


TG0 is an innovative technology platform that sought our expertise to transition its brand identity and digital presence from being UK-centric to having an international focus. Team Up Strategy Lab delivered all-encompassing services – from branding, design, creation of a comprehensive digital strategy, to copywriting, SEO and animations. Additionally, we established a partner program and curated partner materials for them. The outcome of our collaboration is evident: TG0 now boasts a super professional and internationally-oriented brand identity.


CapillaryFlow is a leading provider of innovative irrigation and drainage solutions for golf courses, equestrian arenas and sports grounds. The company approached Up Strategy Lab with a vision to elevate its brand presence and digital footprint. We held multiple workshops with CapillaryFlow to gain a deep understanding of their brand, products, and growth aspirations. Building upon this insight, we crafted an extensive growth strategy that – among other things – outlined how the company could venture into new verticals. We subsequently delivered to them our comprehensive suite of services, which encompassed branding, design, a robust digital strategy, copywriting, SEO and animations. Our collaboration extended beyond this. We also conceptualised and developed a comprehensive partner program for CapillaryFlow, along with all the necessary partner materials. The outcome? A significant surge in sales, a brand that resonates on a global scale, the introduction of a broader product range, successful expansion across multiple verticals, and a burgeoning pipeline of potential sales.


Due to its global presence, LiveU had a fragmented partner team that had different approaches in different regions. We helped LiveU create a global partner strategy, processes, tools, presentations, instructions, and much more to increase sales efficiency.


USL has collaborated with Sinch on partner programs twice. In the first instance, we helped Sinch create a strategy, updated product packaging, and a partner innovation program focused on Application Service Providers (ASPs). The program enabled Sinch to create deep relationships with some of the world’s largest ASPs. In the second instance, we worked with Sinch to manage its relationship with solution providers – a key part of the company’s efforts to provide better service and more complex solutions to its enterprise clients. As part of this project, we helped Sinch develop a strategy, create value propositions and presentations on how to establish and manage strong relationships with some of the world’s largest system integrators, solution providers, and CX agencies.


Appland provided an app store platform as a service to mobile network operators. We created, deployed, and managed a sales, marketing and channel partner strategy for the company. The result: Appland acquired over 100 of the world’s most important mobile operators as its customers.


MuchSkills is a skills management and analytics SaaS platform. We came up with the concept, designed the digital product, filed a patent, created the brand, developed the entire website and communication, managed the app development, created and executed marketing, partner program and sales pitches.

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