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Brand Design, Website Design, Website Content, SEO Strategy.


Brand Transformation, Art Direction, Brand Experience, Website, Content Strategy, SEO


6-12 months

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MuchSkills is a talent marketplace that enhances productivity and fosters engagement. We offer strategic workforce planning, helping you map out and optimize your team’s skills. Our SaaS platform enables data-driven leadership, empowering you to make informed decisions. MuchSkills - your partner in skill management transformation.

We built a business case, prototyped an MVP, designed the product, identifying a clear brand point of view and took the product to market. 3 years later, MuchSkills is now one of the world's leading skills inventory and talent marketplaces with a clear focus on creating solutions that put the user at the hear of the experience.

Up Strategy Lab worked on everything from defining the business case, to the product design and even the sales strategy. This holistic approach makes the overall brand and product strategy efficient and streamlined and hyper optimised to succeed in the market.

You can check out some of the world-class content and playbooks created by Up Strategy Lab to get a better understanding of the in-depth and well integrated content strategy that has made MuchSkills a leader within the field of strategic workforce planning and data-driven leadership.

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