Annabelle Mukhia

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I’ve been a journalist and editor for 20 years now. For 18 years, I only ever wrote and edited serious copy that serious people would take very seriously with their morning tea. But for two years now, I’ve been having fun writing all kinds of stuff that I never thought I could or would write. It took some convincing but once I started, I haven’t been able to stop. For my current adventure in writing, I have my long years of hard-nosed journalism to thank. It gave me the skills to do my job right and the discipline and focus that are just as necessary. New subjects excite me just as much as they scare me. I think it’s a healthy fear. I am curious about what people like to read and read about these days.                        

When I’m not researching and writing articles and blogs, I like to catch up on anime, read a bit of manga and even write about my favourite shows and characters.  

Annabelle Mukhia

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