Head of Research & Content

Colleen Braganza

With a background in journalism and writing, Colleen heads the research and content work as an independent freelancer.

about me

I have been editing and writing professionally for over 18 years, across digital and print media platforms. As an experienced English language editor, I have the knack of preserving the client’s voice while editing their work. I can restructure content to ensure that it makes a logical argument, I will smoothen and tighten sentences, eliminate redundancies, ensure that the style of the piece is consistent throughout, and even fact-check if required. It is my job to ensure that the published voice comes across as professional, knowledgeable and friendly. As a writer, I can conduct research and write high quality articles and blogs on a wide variety of subjects. I can also develop your notes into an article or blog post after being briefed by you. My journalistic background will ensure that I get the correct information and write original content. My style is smart and engaging

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