Maja Saaranen

Digital Product Designer

I have always been drawn to the creative side. It started when I was younger and tried everything my sister could possibly teach me. That included mainly non-digital activities such as painting, but especially photography. When I later chose high school, this was, of course, the path I stayed on. Later on, I added graphic design and fell head over heels. After that, it has just continued, and I have learned a lot of things, keeping my competence broad. Along the winding road, I have realized that it has been absolutely the most fun, being part of the whole process, getting the best out of everyone in a team, and of course, always learning new things has driven me forward. My skills vary from photography, film & motion, illustrations, and of course UI/UX and product design. But I learned that the most important skill to have is being open-minded, especially for new learnings.

As a person, I am really a football nerd and if I’m not sitting in front of the TV or checking flash scores, I’m playing it myself. Otherwise, I hang out with friends, go on walks, or spend my time on other creative projects.

Maja Saaranen

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