Noel Braganza

Co-Founder - Design - Strategy - Culture

I can say that I am self-taught when it comes to most things in my life and interestingly enough, problem solving and learning to learn was by far my biggest self teaching accomplishment. I have continued to stay curious about design and technology and have enjoyed the process of user centric and empathy driven solutions.

With a background in Digital Product Design, I have had the privilege of working at the Design Lab in MIT as well as at one of Sweden's most creative technology studios at the capacity of Design Director. This was an opportunity for me to focus on different aspects of design and design mentorship, where my focus was on building a positive design culture as well as an environment of curiosity and exploration. I have over 13 years of creative experience that spans digital copywriting and advertising to interaction design and even music. For me the process of creation and identifying opportunities is what drives me.

Noel Braganza

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