Oleksandr Telnov

Full stack developer

So you work with computers? Can you fix my toaster?

Oh, how many times have I heard phrases like that! But you know what? It doesn’t make me mad, on the contrary, I just take it and fix it! Because engineering is not about learning a random framework and telling everyone that it is better than others, it is a mindset and a particular way of computational thinking.

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve been interested in how things work, taking toys apart to see how they were made. This habit stays with me throughout my professional life, as I am convinced that it is impossible to use technology without understanding how it works.

Equally important is choosing the right tech stack. My principle is not to take something familiar or trendy, but primarily what is best suited to solve a particular problem.

Any geek stuff aside, I can talk about football for hours, I play and watch games all the time. And as a drummer with the Ultras, I learned the most valuable lesson in team management. Because keeping thousands of people in a rhythm is exactly what any healthy team should have.

But there is something that gives me strength and spurs me on to new achievements and constant self-development – being a father. My most precious gift!

Oleksandr Telnov

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