Simon Svanberg

Business Designer

A natural question appearing when reading this is, what is really a business designer? Well, it is basically what you need it to be. Need a marketer? Check. Need a salesperson? Check. Need a listener? Check. Need a project manager? Check. My job is to simply solve complex business problems by listening in, testing solutions, iterating, and acting upon my best knowledge and leverage my experiences in consulting to help businesses grow further. I believe incrementalism is the best way to do so. It is my belief that every process and action a business undertake can be tweaked and improved slightly along different dimensions with a logical plan and structure in mind. With a background in sports and after participating in numerous consulting projects, the initial aim for projects always seems to be to revolutionize the world and make changes that span across divisions and years. I’ve rather concluded that isn’t what you always have to search for. Instead, several small improvements simply add up to big changes, why everything doesn’t have to be radical or disruptive. Rather, it needs to be right. It is in the details we create value and excellence.

When you don’t find me in the home office, I’m most probably out walking our dog Frans, in the running or ski trails, or at my bicycle. There is no such thing as chasing new Strava Segments!

Simon Svanberg

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