Yunan Xing

Digital Product Designer

Growing up in a small town in China, in 90s, I had no idea what design was about. There were only two major topic in my life when I grew up: drawing and running. For a long time, I thought I would become a painter or a professional athlete. But life is always unpredictable: I went to a design college in Shanghai and studied product design. Then I realised the design world is so much bigger and more fun to explore. I started design freelancing back in 2013, the second year in my university, that’s when I actually started learning the most of design related knowledge and tools, as well as how to communicate with clients. I believe life and mistakes are always the best teacher, and the quickest way to learn is just doing it.

Nothing will happen if you don’t make the first move. And you never know where you end up, so I try to be open for everything.

Yunan Xing

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